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Bed Liners – Mansfield, OH

scorpion-polyuethane-spray-bed-liner-Z&N-Car-Care-ohioWith over 30 years of industry experience, we’ve seen it all at Z&N Car Care. Over that time, our customers have come to know us for our professional auto protection services.

Our highly durable Scorpion bed liners are one service in particular on which we have built our reputation. With the power of Scorpion polyurethane, our car experts will fortify your truck bed with a lifetime guarantee.

Polyurethane Versus “Drop In” Bed Liners

Polyurethane Bed Liners
“Drop In” Bed Liners

The polyurethane spray adheres to the metal bed, creating a seamless finish which doesn’t allow water or moisture to enter.

Even the bed installation job can’t make the liner adhere to the metal, meaning it’s only a matter of time before moisture and rust find their way into tiny cracks or holes.

Polyurethane fortifies the truck bed, not weaken it.

Installation involves drilling permanent holes in the floor and sides of your bed.

Sprays can mold to any shape or size of truck bed.

Drop ins have to fit exactly right for them to work, and finding the right fit is often tricky.

The durable layer of polyurethane is virtually weightless and takes up no space.

The bulky nature of drop in bed liners adds weight to your truck and reduces cargo space.

No moving parts are created because the spray fully adheres in a permanent bond to the metal.

Drop ins often cause vibration noises from slightly rattling on the bed of your truck. This also scratches the paint below.

drop-in-bed-liner-ohioIt’s easy to see that polyurethane spray bed liners are any truck owner’s best choice. Whether your truck is for work or play, a polyurethane spray application is the way to go.

With that said, as part of our commitment to meet every customer’s needs, we do offer drop in bed liners as well. Drop in bed liners are the more economical choice up-front, but the deficiencies pointed out above often lead to frequent repairs and upkeep costs which make them not as economical in the long run.

Scorpion Truck Bed Liners – Ohio

grey-spray-bedlinerFor the spray polyurethane bed liners we install, Scorpion is the only name we trust. Their products are used in every state in America as well as 20 other countries around the world. For close to 20 years, their bed liners have spoke for themselves and have been used successfully across the globe. Even though they have reached worldwide success, they still maintain their locally owned and operated roots. After opening up shop in central Indiana in 1996, Scorpion is still family owned to this day.

    The bed liner product itself simply can’t be beat. Here are few highlights:

  • Lifetime warranties follow you nationwide for peace of mind.
  • UV color stability ensures even sunny climates will be limited in causing your bed liner to fade.
  • Custom texture options allow you to protect your bed no matter what you need it for. For example, those with a lot of sport equipment might want a glassy finish. Alternatively, those who use their trucks for work might want a rougher and more abrasive finish to prevent sliding.
  • An under 1 second static delay.
  • You can even customize the color of your bed liner.

bedlining-on-service-trucks-ohioWhether you want to renew, protect, or personalize your truck bed, Z&N Car Care can take care of every last detail. With our expert applicators and Scorpion’s top-of-the-line products, you can protect your truck bed and add style at the same time.

Please contact us for an exact quote for the bed liner you need. We also happily welcome business from dealerships and fleet vehicles. We can provide discounts for multiple vehicles and package services. We can also discuss wholesale or cash and carry products with you in person or over the phone. Whatever your needs, Z&N Car Care is here to help. Give us a call today at (419) 525-4323