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Rust Proofing – Mansfield, OH

Auto-rustproofing-mansfield-ohFor 30+ years, Z&N Car Care has provided oustanding auto protection services to Mansfield, OH and the surrounding areas. We take pride in our work and put our customers’ needs first. Customer satisfaction and quality service are at the heart of what we do. And it shows in every facet of our rustproofing and other auto care services each day.

For strong vehicle performance, we offer professional auto rustproofing services. You can maintain your vehicle’s utility and performance with our premium rust protection solutions. We use high-performance rustproofing products from Z Technologies Corporation, the largest automotive chemical manufacturer in the United States.

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Why Auto Rustproofing?

Z&N Car CareWhat exactly does rustproofing do for your automobile? Whether you have a new or late model vehicle, there are many upsides. Here are a few:

Protect your vehicle against road salt & more. During the wintertime, the Ohio Department of Transportation is tasked with ice and snow removal on 43,000 lane-miles of highways. On average it uses 600,000 tons of road salt per year for this purpose. This heavy use of road salt and other chemicals for highway safety means your vehicle is greatly exposed to rust or abrasion from these damaging agents.

Rust-proofing-mansfield-ohWe guard against this by spraying your vehicle’s undercarriage with a thick, black coating. This product seals your automobile against water, mud, and salt that could otherwise prove damaging.

Address weaknesses in your vehicle. Thankfully many automobile manufacturers have seen past customer problems with vehicle corrosion. As a result, nowadays many cars and trucks come with galvanized metal. What are the benefits of rustproofing, then?

Well, there are many spot welds on every vehicle on which there is no galvanizing. In fact, there are often thousands of exposed spot welds on an automobile. These areas are likely to rust if they are left unprotected – and they can be covered with our premium-grade rustproofing products.

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Have your vehicle’s complete rustproofing needs covered. So, we spray your vehicle’s undercarriage and seal it off against water, salt, mud, and other agents. It’s rust-proofed – what about those areas that are harder to penetrate?

The uppers sheet metal portions of your automobile – your doors, fenders, hood, rocker panels, and trunk – can be treated with a clear sealant. This product is thinner and more penetrative than our black coating product. This sealant will penetrate the seams areas in these regions which are prone to rust and keep it protected. So all of your vehicle’s rustproofing needs are covered!

Auto Rustproofing Services in Mansfield, OH

Auto-rustproofing-mansfield-ohWith 30+ years in the business, we offer high-quality services for auto rustproofing in Mansfield, OH and the surrounding areas. Z&N Car Care offers a 10 year rust perforation warranty on new vehicles and a 6 year rust perforation warranty on pre-driven automobiles (current model year + 3 previous model years).

Equip your automobile with the added rust protection it needs. You can depend on us as your preferred Mansfield, OH auto care specialist for a complete line of other auto care services, too! Contact us today for an exact price quote for rustproofing your vehicle. We look forward to earning your business!

Our rustproofing products have been used for 40+ years!

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